Healing Through Movements

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What defines us

Svarga is the only Wellness Centre in Indonesia that fuses eastern and western medicine with holistic approach.
We offers collaboration between sports doctor, physical rehabilitation doctor, Holistic Health Expert, Yoga teachers, Pilates Teachers, and Gym Coaches.
We believe that a healthy body is the foundation of a true happiness.
Moving with correct muscles and breathing pattern is able to heal the body, mind, and soul.

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A few words from our beloved members

Prof. Dr.dr Rully Roesli, SpPD.KGH, Spesialis Ginjal

terapi yang rapih, bersih dan " care ", berbeda adalah yang saya dapatkan dari Ibu Ellen DES (Dynamic Electrical Stimulation) & TRE (Trauma and Tension Release Exercise) yang saya rasakan ada kemajuan, yang tadinya tidak bisa menghadap kebelakang, sekarang saya...

Theresia, Journalist

Superb! Came to Svarga feeling so stressed out as I am planning my Indo wedding and there are lots of pressures from every side, and went home super rechared to the max, relaxed and almost serene. To be honest three days and two nights are not enough. Want more. My...

Harry Benk

Sejak saya mengikuti Pilates dari bulan November 2013, manfaat yang saya rasakan saya merasa tubuh saya lebih fleksibel / lentur yang semula sebelum mengikuti Pilates dan Yoga terasa kaku, selain itu tubuh saya lebih shapping dengan postur tubuh menjadi lebih tegak....