Relaxation Program

Penat menjalani rutinitas harian? Ikuti program relaksasi kami

Provided by our Holistic Health Expert and Clinical Exercise Physiologist, our program is specialized in providing exercise as a holistic medicine.

Stress Management

A revolutionary technique to reset your body by using Myofascial Release Exercises. Derived from TRE® Technique by dr. David Bercelli, Neurogenic Fascia Exercise allows the body to relax and trigger self-healing process by activating natural vibration of the body to release tension in the fascia. What we can offer :
Tension Release Exercise | Deep Tissue Therapy | Neurogenic Fascia Exercise


Deep Tissue Therapy

Loosen yourself with combination of alluring massage and modern Australian technologies, Deep Tissue Massage able to reach and massage the deepest muscle in your body. After the 30 minute sessions, yours truly would feel unbelievably relaxed and free of muscle tensions for a long time. What we can offer :
Deep Tissue Therapy 


Release and Relax Retreat

Break away from the hectic of work into serenity of retreating into vacation. The best thing is you could do this 2 days 1 night retreat anytime you want. Svarga would provide your accommodation, tasteful detox dishes and juice, Yoga/Pilates/Gym classes of your own choice, and Spa to indulge yourself for your days of relaxation.
2 Days 1 Night | Full Svarga Programs


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Due to unprecedented circumstances, Svarga Studio is temporarily closed to April 8th, 2020, We re-open our studio on April 9th, 2020

For those who prefer to exercise at our studio, we prepare and disinfect our studio with high precaution. We only limit our class to max 5 members each class and we also arrange our equipment with one-meter distance.

However, if you feel uneasy, we decide we don’t want to leave our members without exercise during COVID 19 outbreak. You can join our live online class daily. You will be able to keep your exercise at home.

For the package information and booking check our Instagram account: @svargaindonesia or WhatsApp to: 08112338999

Stay healthy and Happy!