Superb! Came to Svarga feeling so stressed out as I am planning my Indo wedding and there are lots of pressures from every side, and went home super rechared to the max, relaxed and almost serene. To be honest three days and two nights are not enough. Want more. My blemished skin is also looking better after the detox retreat Body and mind feel so cleansed. It is so wonderful what a complete holistic approach can do to you.

Thank you Svarga Indonesia team, especially Stephanie and her mom, Aunty Ellen. If Stephanie didn’t offer me the retreat I wouldn’t know and go. I would still feel stressed by the time I say my vows. I am now certain I’m ready to handle my upcoming wedding with a more positive mind, can’t thank Aunty Ellent too! Will continue doing NFE on my own and thanks for the chopstick! Thank you to the teachers who pay attention to every single client. The PAs with excellent customer service skill. All in all, the most rewarding 3 days 2 nights I’ve had in such a long time. God Bless Svarga Indonesia team!

Thank you Very much!