e-Nectar Cafe by Svarga

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The Garden


E-nectar garden is specialized in organic and hydroponic plantation. The vegetables in our
green house are free from pesticides and insecticides. We make sure that each of our
vegetables are taken care and safe to consumed. Find us in your nearest local shop! Svarga
studio, Ujenk Mart, Herbs Says, Papaya Mart.


Detox Program


Lack of fibers and minerals causes dry skin, lack of energy, constipations, and high
cholesterol. Detox program helps to reset your digestion system to its original state by
giving it a nutritious healthy food. The catering ranges from 3 days, 7 days, to 1 month of
detox program. It includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 2 healthy snack or juices per day.
Start your detox day today by chatting with our representative!