What defines us

Svarga e-Motion Sanctuary offers you a unique and private ambience to help you to increase your fitness level, correct your posture, as well as reconnect your body, mind and spirit holistically.


A range of body conditioning routine that teaches your body to be intelligent in awareness of movement. We help you to correct your posture, increase strength, flexibility, and mobility, as well as increasing your metabolism that helps you to burn more calories.


As a studio with an international standard, we conduct trainings and workshops for wellness enthusiasts and teachers in training. Svarga e-motion sanctuary has the privilege to conduct workshops from professionals around the world. All the workshops are highly selected for the best quality teachers to uphold the standards of Svarga’s philosophy.

Wellness Treats

Treat yourself with range of healthy food from our organic vegan cafe. Check your health with our specialist doctors. Treat yourself and enhance your wellbeing with us. Contact us for more info.


Svarga e-Motion Sanctuary offers you classes for you to keep your body and mind at peace.

Intelligent Exercise Class

Pilates – FIRe Hot Yoga – Anti Gravity Yoga – TRX – Fithai – Cardio Training – Core Training – Stretch and Heal 

Exercise Rehabilitation

Focuses on private classes and special class for special conditions – OA, scoliosis, heart conditions, etc

Postural Therapy

Our Postural Therapy is the latest scientifically designed therapy to work with any kind of postural problems

Promo and Events

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Apartemen Galeri Ciumbuleuit II
Lantai G Jl. Ciumbuleuit no. 56
Phone : +62 22 82601665
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Jl. Mekar Pratama 3B (Mekar Wangi), Bandung
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  • Svarga Posture Exercise Program

Love your life, love your posture!

Maret – April 2018

Apakah anda sering merasakan gejala seperti berikut  :

  1. Nyeri leher, pundak, dan pinggang
  2. Sesak nafas
  3. Depresi & Stress

Mungkin anda mengalami kelainan pada postur tubuh.

Ikuti program Svarga Posture Exercise Program untuk meningkatkan kualitas hidup anda!

Free check posture and consultation! (by booking)

Nearest Event


  • Health Talk : ” Apakah Anda Skoliosis? “

Senin, 26 & 27 Maret 2018 (Galeri Ciumbuleuit Apartement 2 & Mekar Wangi)

Skoliosis adalah kondisi melengkungnya tulang belakang ke samping secara tidak normal. Apa yang menyebabkan Skoliosis dan apakah anda salah satu penderita scoliosis?

Temukan jawabannya di Health Talk “ Apakah anda scoliosis? “ pada hari :

Galeri Ciumbuleuit Apartment

Selasa, 27 Maret 2018

Pukul 08.30

Mekar Wangi

Rabu, 28 Maret 2018

Pukul 09.15

Presented by Stephanie Lauw, Msc (Clinical Exercise Physiology)

Cegah skoliosis dan naiknya derajat skoliosis dengan mengetahuinya lebih dini!

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