What defines us

Svarga is the only Wellness Centre in Indonesia that fuses eastern and western medicine with holistic approach.
We offers collaboration between sports doctor, physical rehabilitation doctor, Holistic Health Expert, Yoga teachers, Pilates Teachers, and Gym Coaches.
We believe that a healthy body is the foundation of a true happiness.
Moving with correct muscles and breathing pattern is able to heal the body, mind, and soul.

IEx Classes

Because your body is smart! Want a toned and lean body? Have scoliosis? Intelligent exercise teaches you to move and breathe in a correct pattern for better postureand better fitness.

Sports & Rehab Clinic

Klinik utama that is specialized in musculoskeletal and nerves problems. Two main doctors we have are: kedokteran fisik dan rehabilitasi (medical rehab doctor) dan kedokteran olahraga (sportsdoctor)

E-nectar CAFÉ & Garden

Growing our own vegetables in hydroponic and organic garden, e-nectar café is a detox café that offers you healthy delicious catering and dine in meals and juices.

Spa & Retreat

Combining traditional massages and modern technology, our SPA and retreat programs offer a relaxed getaway for you.

Other Wellness Treats

Neurogenic Fascia Exercise®

A revolutionary technique to reset your metabolism. It activates the natural neurogenic vibration in the body to release the fascia and trigger your the self-healing.

Postural Therapy

Poor posture causes uneven load and stresses on the joints: lower back, hip, neck, shoulders, etc. Using an advance technology to massage and exercise those muscles, Postural Therapy allows to restore your posture.

Medical Fitness

Have a heat conditions, just had a surgery, osteoporosis, etc? Join our Medical Fitness program that is supervised by our doctor. Guarantee you will see benefits on your workout in a safe structured program.


A few words from our beloved members

Prof. Dr.dr Rully Roesli, SpPD.KGH, Spesialis Ginjal

terapi yang rapih, bersih dan " care ", berbeda adalah yang saya dapatkan dari Ibu Ellen DES (Dynamic Electrical Stimulation) & TRE (Trauma and Tension Release Exercise) yang saya rasakan ada kemajuan, yang tadinya tidak bisa menghadap kebelakang, sekarang saya...

Mei Tjio, 29, Wiraswasta

Saya mengikuti Pilates sejak November 2013. Tujuan saya ikut Pilates adalah melatih core muscle. Setelah saya mengikuti Pilates saya mendapatkan bentuk tubuh yang lebih ideal terutama untuk bagian perut atas saya lebih terbentuk dan kencang. Saya memilih Svarga karena...

Harry Benk

Sejak saya mengikuti Pilates dari bulan November 2013, manfaat yang saya rasakan saya merasa tubuh saya lebih fleksibel / lentur yang semula sebelum mengikuti Pilates dan Yoga terasa kaku, selain itu tubuh saya lebih shapping dengan postur tubuh menjadi lebih tegak....


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  • Svarga Posture Exercise Program

Love your life, love your posture!

Maret – April 2018

Apakah anda sering merasakan gejala seperti berikut  :

  1. Nyeri leher, pundak, dan pinggang
  2. Sesak nafas
  3. Depresi & Stress

Mungkin anda mengalami kelainan pada postur tubuh.

Ikuti program Svarga Posture Exercise Program untuk meningkatkan kualitas hidup anda!

Free check posture and consultation! (by booking)


Basic Anatomy for Exercise Practitioner

5 Mei, 2018

calling out people who have passion on exercise!
kenali setiap gerakan dan gunanya terhadap otot ketika berolahraga dengan mengikuti workshop ” Basic Anatomy for Exercise Practitioner ” oleh Stephanie Lauw, Msc.

special price for early bird!

contact person : 08112338999